Our Approach

About Adam

I was born and raised in Iran in an Armenian family. I went to school in Tabriz and Tehran and from a very early age was acquainted with Armenian, Persian and Russian literature. Growing up in Iran allowed me to get a better understanding of the world from the other spectrum and I am thankful for this as it allows me to explore on themes and subject matters outside of the American mainstream way of storytelling. My love of film and cinema however made me to immigrate to US in early 90's and I went to USC school of cinematic arts to pursue a film degree with concentration in screen-writing. After a few interesting internship experiences I got a creative writing position at the Paramount Pictures and I wrote some of my most favorite TV series during that period. With the decline of film production in Paramount I found WB a great platform to continue my writing career. During the past few years I have also started helping young talented writers to develop their own screenplays and I individually operate this service on my free time.


Our Story

My Ambitions


Beside a creative writing career at the studio system and script doctoring I also make films within the boundaries of independent film-making. My recent film "The Mountain Slop" which is based on an Armenian story will soon be out on VOD's for public viewing.

My Inspirations

Like many immigrant artists I am very much inspired by my fellow Armenian filmmakers who pursue successful careers here and there. These are my three most favorite whose influence is most vivid in my style.


Steven Zailian

Screenwriter and Director

Favorite film

Searching For Bobby Fischer

Saw Mr. Zailain at the Oscars in 1996. He was very gentle and agreed to read my screenplay. I never wrote it.


Atom Egoyan

Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Favorite film


Meet him in Toronto in Pomegranate Film Festival and asked him to read a screenplay I didn't had. He was nice enough to agree, but I never sent him as I never wrote it.


Mardik Martin


Favorite Screenplay

Ragging Bull

I've seen this wonderful man over 20 times and each time he agrees to read my screenplay and each time I ask for his address to send it to him. For some reason I never write anything. Maybe because I want to write in Armenian?

Email your Screenplay

If you have a screenplay that you think needs reassessment feel free to send it over with a synopsis. Once I read the Synopsis I can make a decision if my help is needed.