Butter, Brando and the need of a mass distraction…

Most of the uproar against late actor Marlon Brando and director Bernardo Bertolucci for performing a non-consensual rape scene in “Last Tango in Paris” on late Maria Schneider which is surfacing mainstream media in the past 48 hours dubiously fails to address the following:
1. The video of Bertolucci is not a recent one. It dates back to 2013 and it was published on Youtube the same year. Why is it gaining importance right now after Yahoo pushed it to the front page after three years?
2. She wasn’t raped during the take. They were filming a rape scene and Brando never actually penetrated. Schneider clearly clarified that in her interviews before her death is 2007. The media’s choice of wording to deceive people and make this look like an actual rape planned by the actor and director is as sickening as what they claim had happened.
3. As appalling as it is to introduce butter during the take and that’s why Bertolucci claims to feel guilty, Schneider was ONLY not aware that Brando was going to use butter as lubricant, but she knew that they were filming a rape scene. (Scene was filmed during the presence of all the film crew on a typical film set. They had discussed blocking and everyone knew what was happening so she could have refused to perform it any time she wanted.)
4. Schneider has stated this many times in her interviews without being debunked, why media didn’t cover that story in such a large scale until a man opens up about it? Isn’t this in fact a proof of mainstream media’s sexism?
5. Brando and Schneider were in good terms during and after the shoot. If he was the monster the media claims he is now, then Schneider wouldn’t call her a father figure in later interviews.
6. The link to Schneider’s original interview in 2007 that details the butter incident is missing from most of the media pages that cover this “news”. In that interview she explains her reasons of troubled life and suicide attempt which was sudden fame, yet the media attributes that merely to the rape scene.
7. To see an opportunist like Jessica Chastain voicing her uproar with a falsified tweet on this topic while herself was knowingly involved with the production of an American propaganda movie like “Zero Dark Thirty”, purely made to prepare, justify and legitimize water boarding of political prisoners in Guantanamo for American public is sickening to say the least. The retweets and shares that follow baseless claims such as this are just a great example of collective stupidity which was showcased vividly during the election season. Mrs. Chastain proves her capabilities as a conducive propaganda asset not only on film sets but also on her social platform.
8. It seems very ironic that this old news suddenly becomes a sensation on Saturday November 3rd 2017. Exactly a few days after an old video of Marlon Brando’s spectacular interview in a televised program about the white settlers barbaric invasion of Indian tribes and their mass killings is resurfaced on the web through members of the groups that favor and spread news on Dakota access pipeline uprising. One can’t help but to be skeptical of the coincidence and wonder who favors from a stained Marlon Brando, who unlike Mrs. Chastain never aligned himself with the system and authorities.
9. There are many other examples of movie directors planning and shooting a scene without clarifying the details for actors so they can capture a genuine reaction on film and not a piece of acting. Labeling artists in chase of truthful moments as sexist and racist monsters won’t tarnish their creative achievements on a long run it will only help separate a bunch of brainwashed media followers from those capable of thinking for themselves.
Disclaimer: If there is any piece of legitimate evidence that shows the entire rape scene was not consensual. I will definitely apologize and remove this article.

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