Adam Noorian

Adam is an Armenian-Iranian immigrant living in Los Angeles for over three decades now. He is a filmmaker in the American independent movie industry and also “Kind of” a public figure in the Armenian community of LA. Having been recently divorced from the mother of his two children Melineh, he is going through a midlife crisis, has no permanent place to stay and is in one word lost, while at the same time finding himself in a relationship with a younger American woman.

Story Notes

An in-depth analysis of your screenplay, with several well-organized pages of specific, detailed notes on all the crucial screenplay elements such as character, dialogue, structure, story line and so on. She'll celebrate what's working and offer viable solutions to what's not.

Final Draft

Before you send out a final draft to agents or producers you want to make sure that it's as polished and professionally presented as possible. A fresh eye is absolutely essential to finding typos and spelling and grammatical errors, as well as making sure that the formatting is all it should be. The doctor will give it a thorough proofread and correct the errors.


Continuing Care

Professional Development of Your Screenplay. The doctor will provide an experience very much like the one a writer with a script in development at a production company undergoes.  She'll read your first draft and put together a package of detailed development notes for you. Then when you've rewritten the draft according to the notes, she'll read Draft Two and give you notes on that one too.  For Draft Three, she'll read it and give final notes and suggestions, which ought to give you a screenplay polished enough to begin submitting.

The Mind that does Miracles

Movie Script not feeling well?
Do you want to bring it in for a check up? Maybe a nip and a tuck? Or do you think it might need open heart surgery?
Call the Doctor!


Finish him!

Remember your first 10.000 pages are your worst. What you need is a guide and that's only possible when you have a first draft so sit down and finish the motherfucker...